What is rdcircle?
rdcircle is a collection of quality, independent, entrepreneurial golf companies that
have united to support the vision and individuality of each company involved. rdcircle is
about sharing the passion of the independent brand owners and co-workers. We
recognize those who have decided, against great odds and great personal risk, to rise
every day to create and share their passion for the game through their work.

The rdcircle website is the only place where fans, customers and players alike can
easily find and keep up with the best up-and-coming independent companies and
brands in the game.

All companies that fly the rdcircle banner have been interviewed and qualify for
membership to ensure the core values and integrity of the rdcircle remain intact for
our followers.

As the popularity of rdcircle grows, new “trusted” companies will be continually
introduced into the network and website to keep things fresh, interesting and evolving.
Together we hope to create a place where hardcore fans can congregate, share and
help grow the game we all love.

Why rdcircle? A signifies a birdie on a par four — the most recognizable
of all birdies in the game. To us, the also represents a closed circuit of companies who share the same core values and beliefs.